Burning Permits

Annual burning permits are available from the following:

Please burn AFTER 6:00pm. When burning a large brush pile, notify the Columbia County Sheriff's office by calling

Burning Restrictions - DNR
Note: Daily burn restrictions are not updated until after 11 a.m.

Placement of Emergency Response Numbers

Columbia County ordinance Title 28 states all Emergency Response Number Signs are to be placed approximately five (5) feet to the right (facing the home) of the driveway right-of-way at the edge of the road right-of-way.

The Town of West Point places each Emergency Response Number Signs for each town resident in the correct location.

It is very important NOT to move the Emergency Response Number Sign as emergency (fire and ambulance) look for the signs to be in the correct location.

2018 Real Estate and Personal Property taxes

2/19/2019 – All remaining 2018 Real Estate Property Tax payments need to be made directly to the Columbia County Treasurer.  Phone (608) 742-9613

2/2/2019 – US Postal Service Delays

Under Wisconsin State Law 74.69(2), if payments are not timely due solely to a US Postal Service delay or administrative error, the payments must be considered timely.

Property Owners

Any person required to pay interest or penalty due to a late payment can file a written request with the County Treasurer (74.69(3) Wis Stats.)

Written request must:

  • Be filed within 10 days of the interest or penalty payment, but no later than Dec 1, 2019.
  • Ask the County Board to determine the payment is timely since the sole reason the payment was late was due to a US Postal Service delay or administrative error.

County Board


  • Act on the request within 30 days of receipt by the County Treasurer.
  • Find payment timely if the payment was late soley due to a US Postal Service delay or administrative error.
  • If the payment is deemed timely – County Board will direct the County Treasurer to reimburse the taxpayer the interest or penalty payment within 10 days.

Property Tax Bills and receipts are available online from the Columbia County website:  www.co.columbia.wi.us.

  • Click on the Property & Taxes icon, then click on the Ascent Land Records icon.
  • Change the Municipality to 11040 – Town of West Point.  You can search by parcel number, last name, street name, etc.  “Less is more” when it comes to searching.  For instance, search for JUST your last name OR JUST your street name, but NOT both.
  • On the next screen, select the Taxes option from the drop down box under your property description.
  • Click on the year link by Print tax bills for your bill or the year link under Tax Year for your receipt.

For delinquent taxes please contact the Columbia County Treasurer at (608) 742-9613.

2018 Tax Newsletter

Property Tax Resource Links


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